7-27-10 Sunrise Vows

I got up super early to meet this Wisconsin family at the beach for sunrise. I haven’t seen the sun rise in many years, and it was quite peaceful to say the least. It was a bit cloudy so it wasn’t like on TV but I have never seen the beach so quiet and beautiful.…


7-23-10 Amy and Ben

I am really looking forward to photographing Amy and Ben’s wedding in October at DeBordiue Country Club. They are a real down to earth couple, with cool jobs by the way.¬† ūüôā¬†¬† Here are some photos we took for their fun¬†engagement session the other night. By the end of the night we just started getting…


7-17-10 Michelle and Patrick

I am thinking of moving……… to wherever this bride and her entire family live. They were just the sweetest family ever. I shot Michelle’s bridal protraits on Tuesday with the help of her mom and two of her sisters. With such a beautiful bride it was easy to get a lot of nice shots. The…


7-14-10 Fun Folks From Jersey

When I talked on the phone with the dad in this crew I asked him if they wanted to get wet. When he said “yes”, I was looking forward to this session¬†ever since.¬† They showed up ready to have fun. These two kids were SO¬†awesome and could have shot for another hour.

7-10-10 Rebecca and Craig

These two met and knew very fast that they were meant for one another. It was apparent throughout the time I spent with them that they were truly best friends. Each of them had great friends and family show up¬†to celebrate the big occasion, which turned out to be quite the party. Sometimes during a…


7-6-10 The Yarber Family

This is my second year photographing this crew while they are in town. This time I only photographed the kids and we had a real fun time. Half way through the session I figured out that the kids love watching me crash into walls, or almost fall. Made for some real good smile. All three…