7-17-10 Michelle and Patrick

I am thinking of moving……… to wherever this bride and her entire family live. They were just the sweetest family ever. I shot Michelle’s bridal protraits on Tuesday with the help of her mom and two of her sisters. With such a beautiful bride it was easy to get a lot of nice shots. The…


7-14-10 Fun Folks From Jersey

When I talked on the phone with the dad in this crew I asked him if they wanted to get wet. When he said “yes”, I was looking forward to this session ever since.  They showed up ready to have fun. These two kids were SO awesome and could have shot for another hour.

7-10-10 Rebecca and Craig

These two met and knew very fast that they were meant for one another. It was apparent throughout the time I spent with them that they were truly best friends. Each of them had great friends and family show up to celebrate the big occasion, which turned out to be quite the party. Sometimes during a…


7-6-10 The Yarber Family

This is my second year photographing this crew while they are in town. This time I only photographed the kids and we had a real fun time. Half way through the session I figured out that the kids love watching me crash into walls, or almost fall. Made for some real good smile. All three…


6-26-10 Karlene and Jamie

Today I thanked the “wind gods” for helping with a lovely afternoon wedding. Karlene and Jamie got married at Brookgreen Gardens and everything was perfect. Flowers made it just in time, cake was beautiful and the two sons of the bride looked like they were right out of GQ magazine. Karlene is just the sweetest…