7-31-09 Wedding Bells

Jenn and Dave got married at Shepard by the Sea and the reception was at Inlet Affairs. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch and their friends and family came from all over the map to celebrate with them. Have a blast in Key West guys and hope you like this sneak peak.








7-21-09 I heart Tennessee…

This was one of the easiest shoots I have ever done with little kids. These two girls were little angels, never once losing focus. I asked the parents if they always got along this good. They both quickly replied “NO!”  Well they must love the camera and they really liked me too 🙂  they gave…

7-17-09 Ms. Ashley’s Angels

Tonight was susch a fun session with these three young ladies from Spartanburg. They are in town for their teacher Ashley’s wedding tomorrow night.  We went around the Atalaya Castle for a bit then hit the beach.  Kelly, Jill, and Sabrina were hams. It took only a couple pictures to get them going. They were…