October 11, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Wedding – Shantelle and Tyler – Pawleys Island Wedding 10.9.16

Shantelle and Tyler win the prize for “most stressful conditions leading up to a wedding.” Hurricane Matthew threatened to ruin everything, but with these two being from out of town, that wasn’t an option. They were going to make it work and with the help of some dedicated vendors, family and a clear day after Hurricane Matthew, the wedding  was a total success. The wedding switched to Shantelle’s parent’s house in Pawleys Island and the entire event was powered by a generator.  Big thanks to DJ Wally B for coming so last minute and keeping the guests dancing. The beautiful flowers were done by Tracy at Scarlet Begonia. All of the dresses and tuxedos came from Fancy Frocks. The cake was by Incredible Edibles Bakery. The Heritage provided the delicious food. The Beautiful Salon and Spa in Pawleys Island did a great job with everyone’s hair and makeup. The wedding was even on the news

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