November 10, 2016

Kelley and Kris – Freewoods Farm Wedding – Love won on 11-5-16

What a fun and special wedding I got to be a part of over the weekend. I met the brides by chance at a 5k mud run last year and our families became instant friends.  The wedding party got ready at a hotel by the Surfside Pier where Kris had help from some lifetime friends while Kelley got ready with a friend, her sister, brother and two amazing children. The touching ceremony was held outside at Freewoods Farm, starting with Jordan, Kelley’s brother, playing the keyboard. Shea, Kelley’s son walked her down the aisle where she met with Kris and they exchanged such personal and meaningful vows. Before Kris could read her vows, she gave personalized gifts to Kelley’s children and brother….. Making it clear to all that she was marrying the entire family.  The reception was awesome. Their close friends, Kim and Jess, ran the kitchen crew with food from Inlet Affairs. Music by DJ Jake was perfect. Everyone danced til the lights had to come on. The entire event was special, and it proved the point that we decide who our families are. Family is who we choose to love and let love us.  Thanks for letting us be there to celebrate with you all.  – Kip and Crystal. freewods-farm_0005 freewods-farm_0004 freewods-farm_0010 freewods-farm_0003 freewods-farm_0002 freewods-farm_0001 freewods-farm_0009 freewods-farm_0006 freewods-farm_0008 freewods-farm_0007 freewods-farm_0012 freewods-farm_0011 freewods-farm_0016 freewods-farm_0017 freewods-farm_0018 freewods-farm_0019 freewods-farm_0020 freewods-farm_0021 freewods-farm_0022 freewods-farm_0023 freewods-farm_0024 freewods-farm_0025 freewods-farm_0013 freewods-farm_0014 freewods-farm_0015 freewods-farm_0026 freewods-farm_0027 freewods-farm_0029 freewods-farm_0028 freewods-farm_0030 freewods-farm_0031 freewods-farm_0033 freewods-farm_0034 freewods-farm_0035 freewods-farm_0032 freewods-farm_0036 freewods-farm_0037 freewods-farm_0038 freewods-farm_0041 freewods-farm_0043 freewods-farm_0042 freewods-farm_0040 freewods-farm_0039 freewods-farm_0044 freewods-farm_0045 freewods-farm_0046 freewods-farm_0047 freewods-farm_0048 freewods-farm_0049 freewods-farm_0050 freewods-farm_0051 freewods-farm_0052 freewods-farm_0053 freewods-farm_0054 freewods-farm_0056 freewods-farm_0057 freewods-farm_0058 freewods-farm_0059 freewods-farm_0055 freewods-farm_0060 freewods-farm_0064 freewods-farm_0063 freewods-farm_0061 freewods-farm_0062


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