November 16, 2016

To my Mom and Dad – Happy 50th Anniversary

My parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage this weekend so I wanted to make a blog post with the fun photos I convinced them to take recently.  I could be mushy and talk about how much they mean to me, how they have worked hard their entire lives, leading by example by living a clean, honest life. I could write about how they love taking the 4 grandkids to Disney, or how much they love having the entire family over for Christmas.  I won’t. I will just leave these photos here and hope all their friends and family will wish them a Happy Anniversary. 50 years is a long time and I say my mom deserves a trophy or something.  I mean, have you met my dad?????

Anyone that has met these two will see their personalities in the photos below.  We had a blast.

To the best parents that a perfect son could ask for…. Happy Anniversary. (your gift is in the mail) – Kip

50th-anniversary_0001 50th-anniversary_0002 50th-anniversary_0003 50th-anniversary_0004 50th-anniversary_0005 50th-anniversary_0006 50th-anniversary_0007 50th-anniversary_0008 50th-anniversary_0009 50th-anniversary_0010 50th-anniversary_0011 50th-anniversary_0012 50th-anniversary_0013 50th-anniversary_0014


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